Ссылки на web-ресурсы посвященные it-security

http://www.ethicalhacker.net/ (The Ethical Hacker Network) 
http://onthar.in/ (Исследование вирусов и вредоносного ПО)
http://www.metasploit.com/ (open source penetration testing solution)
http://hakipedia.com (Hakipedia)
Cisco Security (Cisco Security Advisories and Notices)
http://rupeshhacktheworld.blogspot.com (KING OF HACKERS Learn Ethical Hacking )
http://secniche.blogspot.com/ (Malware at Stake Analysis, straight from the hidden and underground.)
http://www.skullsecurity.org/blog/ (Just another security weblog)
http://zeroknock.blogspot.com/ (Security Space for the Untamed Minds )
http://sysmox.com/blog/ (SySmox Security blog)
http://www.room362.com  (Blatherings of a Security Addict)
http://bernardodamele.blogspot.com/ (A weblog about me and my information technology thoughts)
http://www.dis9.com/ (Its not about Black or White)
http://www.ethicalhack3r.co.uk/ (Ethical Hacking for Computer Security)
http://dsecrg.blogspot.com/ (Digital Security Research Group)
http://www.pauldotcom.com/ (IT security news, vulnerabilities, hacking, and research.)
http://www.remote-exploit.org/ (research and projects such as Hardware Hacking, BackTrack, Exploit Development, Online Information Security Training)
http://www.digitalbond.com/ (Control System Security Portal)
http://deobfuscated.blogspot.com/ (IT security, reverse engineering, malware and the universe)
http://blog.red-database-security.com/  (Alexander Kornbrust Oracle Security Blog - Oracle Security)
http://sangte.blogspot.com/ (Bugs, exploits, videos, news, ebooks)
http://googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.com/ (The latest news and insights from Google on security and safety on the Internet)
http://g0tmi1k.blogspot.com/ (security blog)
http://www.gnucitizen.org/ (Information Security Think Tank)
http://ha.ckers.org/ (ha.ckers.org web application security lab)
http://leetupload.com (Repository for hacking tools & white papers)
http://software-security.sans.org/blog/ (AppSec Blog)
http://blog.c22.cc (Cатсн²² (in)sесuяitу)
http://www.darknet.org.uk/ (Don`t Learn to HACK - Hack to LEARN.)
http://securitywatch.eweek.com (eWeek Security Watch - Enterprise Security, Desktop and PC Security Blog) 
http://xs-sniper.com/blog/ (http://xs-sniper.com/blog/)
http://www.cgisecurity.com/ (Database Security, Web Server security, Web Application Security, HTTP, Web Services Security, and more.)
http://www.cert.org/cert/ (Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Emergency Response Team)
http://scarybeastsecurity.blogspot.com/ (Hacking everything, by Chris Evans / scarybeasts)
http://www.defec.ru/ (Defence Eclectic Technologies - технологии обеспечения информационной безопасности)
http://blog.dasient.com/ (Dasient is an Internet security company)
http://darkreading.com/ (Dark Reading is the premier online resource helping information security professionals)
http://www.darkoperator.com/ (IT Consultant working for a large IT Integrator in the areas of Security, Networking and Virtualization.) 
http://pentesterconfessions.blogspot.com/ (This blog is mostly for my own archiving of vulnerabilities I have discovered and defensive techniques.)
http://blog.coresecurity.com/ (Core Security Technologies enables organizations to get ahead of threats with security test and measurement solutions)
http://blog.ioshints.info/ (Cisco IOS)
http://seclists.org/ (Security Mailing List Archive)


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